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My Honda Integra Web Page!

I'm dedicating this little webspace to my new acquisition, my 1993 JDM Integra SI VTEC, purchased on Anzac Day, 2003.

This site will have a few photo shots, specifications, a general history, and useful links for information on this amazing subcompact sports car.

My Car

After owning an automatic 1991 Honda Integra LS for 8 months, spending a fair bit of money repairing it, being the victim of two hit and runs (I have two suspects, if you want to clear your name, just have a chat to me next time I'm babying my car), I wanted something with a bit more go, and wouldn't send me to sleep behind the wheel. Searching the Trading Post pretty much every day for a cheap (sub 15k) 3rd Generation Integra VTi-R in excellent condition would be impossible.  In early April, I came across a small ad, for a 94 Integra, with 108 000km for a fair price.  After a few visits, and a bit of negotiation, I snapped it up.  A clean metallic grey exterior, bar an exhaust tip, and some nice 15 inch aftermarket wheels (not chrome!!!) appealed to me instantly.


Pictures Of My Car

The Australian Integra History

The Car Rules!