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Model Information

Build Date : November 1993
Model : JDM Integra Si VTEC
Colour : Thunder Grey Metallic
Engine Code : B18C
Engine Type : 1797cm3 (1.8L) In-Line 4-cylinder DOHC VTEC
Valvetrain : 16 valve, 4 valves per cylinder, dual overhead (twin-cam) camshafts, variable timing and lift with electronic control (VTEC), belt driven
Bore x Stroke : 80.0mm  x 87.2mm
Compression Ratio : 10.6:1
Transmission : 5 speed manual
Redline : 8100rpm
Fuel Cutout : 8200rpm
Power : 132kW(178hp) @ 7600rpm
Torque : 178Nm (129lbs-ft) @ 6200rpm
Weight To Power Ratio: 8.33kg/kW
Powertrain : Transverse Front Engine, Front Wheel Drive (FF)
Fuel Tank Capacity : 50 litres


Gear Ratio
1st 3.230
2nd 1.900
3rd 1.360
4th 1.034
5th 0.787
Final Drive 4.400
Reverse 3.000

Body Dimensions / Chassis

Body Type : 2-Door Coupe
Seating Capacity: 2 + 2
Length : 4380mm (4.4 metres)
Width : 1710mm (1.7 metres)
Height : 1370mm (1.4 metres)
Wheelbase : 2570mm (2.6 metres)
Ground Clearance : 105mm (.1 metres)
Kerb Weight : 1100kg
Wheels : 195/55R15
Front Brakes : Ventilated Discs
Rear Brakes : Solid Discs
Steering : Rotary-Valve, Variable Power-Assisted Rack-and-Pinion
Turning Circle Diameter : 10.6 metres
Weight Distribution 64 : 36


Acceleration (0-100kph) 7.3 seconds
1/4 Mile Run 15.4 seconds
Top Speed 214kph (133mph)

Fuel Economy

City Fuel Consumption 8.5l / 100km
Highway Fuel Consumption 7.2l / 100km

Standard Equipment

Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Windows, Central Locking,  Radio Cassette System + 4 speakers, Electronically Controlled Fold-In Mirrors, Automatic Antenna, Leather Steering Wheel, 15 inch Alloy Wheels, Rear Wiper, Rear Spoiler

Optional Extras (of which, my car has none of these!)

Front Driver + Passenger SRS Airbag, 3 Channel 4 Wheel ABS (Anti Lock Braking System), TCS (Traction Control System), LSD (Limited Slip Differential), Electric Power Moonroof

My Aftermarket Stuff

Panasonic DPG605 40x4 CD Headunit + Remote

Panasonic DP801 8 Stack CD Changer

Kicker 6.1 splits 6inch Front's

Sony XS GT6934 6x9 Rear's

Audioline AL-2150 Rear Amp

Remote Central Locking Alarm + Immobiliser System

Premier Tint Cartint

MOMO Leather Steering Wheel

Mugen RNR 15" wheels

Upgraded Suspension

Exhaust system + Muffler

Rear Strut Bar

Front Foglights


Future Modifications (I doubt any of these will ever occur)


Power Moonroof

Cruise Control

Type R Shiftknob

Fix Up Rear Antenna




The 4 round headlight JDM model Integra was released in May of 1993.  It was taken over in September of 1995 with the bar shaped headlights of the SiR-G model, which was pretty much the same (specwise) as the Si VTEC, but with the different front.

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