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A massive site, dedicated to the Integra, with in depth how-to's, information and a friendly forum!


The Complete Quint, Integra & RSX History

Full specifications on all Integra models



A local group of car enthusiasts always willing to lend a hand


The Generation 2 Integra Club

Site dedicated to the Generation 2 Integra (my previous car)


Car Audio Australia

For helping with information, which lead to my first sound system


A Story Of A Honduh Civic

A Pisstake on the idea of the 'riced' up car.


The RiceBoy Page

Ok, the term 'rice' has been thrown around alot recently.  I only discovered the term myself, after purchasing my first car, informing someone, and having them tell me it is such a 'Asian riceboy' car.  Having no idea what that meant, a bit of sleuthing, this page sprang up.  'Rice' is the exact opposite of what I like in a car.  I despise massive wings, stickers and neon lights and huge unpractical chrome wheels.  For some hilarity, click on the Hall of Shame!



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